Honors and Awards

Amutah, N. Ada Beth Cutler Faculty Fellows Awardee, Montclair State University. 2015

Amutah, N. Protégé/Mentee for the 6th Cohort of the American Psychological Association’s Cyber Mentors Program. AIDS Directorate. 2015

Amutah, N. Ernest E. Just Keynote Lecture and Prize awarded by the Medical University of South Carolina and the Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture- September 2014.

Amutah N. Academy Health Minority Scholars Award -$1,500 awarded. Boston, MA. June 2010.

Amutah N. National Black Graduate Students Association. Willie Lawson Memorial Award. $500 awarded. San Diego, CA March 2010

Amutah N. Association of Maternal and Child Health Program. Student Fellowship to attend methods workshop. $500 awarded. Washington DC. November 2009.

Amutah N. Senior Maternal and Child Health Fellow. American Public Health Association   Philadelphia, PA. November 2009.

Amutah N. Goldhaber Travel Award. $600 awarded. University of Maryland, College Park November 2009.